Supply services

If you don’t have the time or capacity to handle your inventory, enquire about our full-scale warehouse and stock management services.

Inventory control

We offer inventory control and storage management services. These include receiving your stock for storage, checking each case for damage, running frequent stock checks for quality control, and cross-examining warehouse levels to maintain an accurate unit display on your eCommerce website.

Pick and pack

Trust our pick and pack methodology for accurate selection and packaging of your orders. Processed to your standard, our warehouse team will select the correct items, allocate and package each order, and ready it for delivery to your customers. We also offer weekend picking and packing services should you require eCommerce deliveries seven days a week.

National and international deliveries

We partner with only the top service providers for logistics. From receiving your stock into our warehouse, to shipping individual customer orders both nationally and internationally, as well as additional services such as freight forwarding via sea, air and road, our partners guarantee safe, speedy and traceable delivery of your stock.

Product returns and exchanges

Let us manage your product returns and exchanges. When required, our team will process the return, replenish stock counts, process refund, and communicate with your customer every step of the way. Should your customer request a replacement, we’ll take care of those processes on your behalf!

Book a free eCommerce workshop

Fill out the form to book a free 30-minute call with our team to find out how we can streamline your stock management and order fulfilment processes.